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Talent Development

Talent development is a program that provides opportunities for students to devlop skill and aptitude in an area of interest. This might mean participaing in a club, workshop, or working with a mentor. Throughout the year Talent Development will be seeking out individuals who have interests in areas that are not easily fostered in the regular high school curricula. We will offer workshops on various topics, and provide additional training and support for what you are good at, or hope to be good at! If there is anything that YOU are good at, and wish to explore further, we look forward to hearing from you!

If you have an area of interest or ability you want to explore or pursue, please contact Mrs.Magnan.

Talent Development Schedules 2020-21 

Sessions will typically occur on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to ensure different time slots of the 6-day cycle are affected. However, sometimes there will be a cluster of days grouped together for some groups because they are preparing for a presentationcompleting a project or the activity works better if done consecutively.  


Students: please refer to the schedule on the door of ROOM 9. The best way to know what’s happening or changed is to listen to the announcements each morning 


Scheduling is divided into cohorts. 

 A: Majeau, Fontaine, Nemeth, Papineau 

B: Bruce, Brightnose, Kowalchuk, Joyal 

C: Patrick, Khamvongsa, Savoie 

D: Dejonckheere, Berthelette, Adams