Principal's Message

     As we reach the month of June, we deserve the opportunity to take a peek into the future and look towards what has been a very long and unsettled school year. As difficult as it has been, it is also worth noting there are things that we can celebrate.


     The pandemic has been difficult, it has forced us to constantly adapt and change. The silver lining is that in some instances we have found new and better ways to get through our school day. The added structures we have put in place have helped bring some increased calm to our building and have been beneficial to many of our students. Things such as fewer students outside on recess at one time and teachers greeting students at the door each morning have brought about positive change.


     It is also a good time to celebrate and say thank you to some important groups of people. Our students deserve a tremendous amount of praise for their efforts this year. I have repeatedly mentioned how our students did a wonderful job of adjusting and doing their best to follow protocols around masks, sanitizing and distancing. It wasn’t perfect, but I am so very proud of the efforts of our students and we should all be.


     Thank you to our families. In a year filled with so much uncertainty, it has been very difficult at times to determine the right thing to do. Thank you for your patience and understanding when things changed with very little notice. We appreciate your ongoing support, patience and trust as it has aided our efforts in caring for your children.


   Thank you to our school staff. It has been a very challenging year to be a school employee. In recent memory school employees have never been asked to change and adapt so often and with short notice. Our school staff have done an amazing job of keeping the education of students moving forward this year.

     We aren’t quite there yet, but the finish line is in sight. Hopefully by September we can return to circumstances that are much more familiar to us. In the meantime, we still have a month of school and learning to complete. We also need to remain vigilant and continue to follow all public health protocols.


Thank you & stay safe.


Trevor Reid