Principal's Message


     Spring is definitely in the air!  The days are getting longer, the sun is warmer and our moods are lighter.  Spring always makes me think of growth.  As a gardener, I love planting seeds, nurturing the seedlings and eventually, with some help from Mother Nature, enjoying the fruits of my labour.  As an educator, spring is a time when I look at our students and I am always amazed at how much they have grown – physically, intellectually and emotionally.


     One of our goals at EPVS is to help our students understand that we are always growing as learners and as human beings.  We can improve our abilities and talents with effort, persistence and hard work – not just talent or luck.  Learning takes hard work and consistent effort for lasting results.  These are skills that we want to teach our students starting from a young age.


     We want to embrace challenges and learn from our mistakes.  Learning takes place when we make mistakes.  It is the journey and process that is important, not always the final product.  It is important to take the time to celebrate growth. As parents we get to do this everyday as we watch our children master a new skill like learning to ride a bike, catching a fly ball, or learning to drive.  As educators, mentors and coaches we celebrate student growth everyday. 

It is truly impressive how much growth students demonstrate over the course of a school year.  Remember, much like a garden, growth takes hard work.  Try to learn from your mistakes and remember to celebrate the growth and learning that happens every day.


     Enjoy the sunshine as we look forward to the warmer days ahead.


C. Viznaugh, Principal