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About Our School

About Our School

École Powerview School is a K – 12 dual track school (English & French Immersion), which offers many opportunities to our students beyond the basic core subjects. Our current student population is approximately 438 students located in the town of Powerview-Pine Falls, Manitoba.



Our school offers many unique classes and clubs such as a Music/Band classes, Apprenticeships, Industrial Arts, Woods, Construction, Tops in FNIM Studies, Home Economics, Lifework, Law, Credit For Employment, Drama, Dance as well various after school clubs such as the Homework Club (Club de devoirs), Girls and Boys Club, Wilderness Voyagers Club, Empty Closets Club, The D-Team (Dinosaur Team) and many more!


Our Mission Statement

École Powerview School, where learning leads and leaders learn.



Contact: 204-367-2296

Principal: Chrissy Viznaugh

Assistant Principal: Mary-Jo Hovorka-Seymour

Assistant Principal: Paul Schram