New Shade Shelter

Many of you may have already noticed the new shelter that was put up at the south end of the school playground. With the help a of grant from the Canadian Dermatology Association, the school was able to build a ‘shade structure’ to provide relief from the summer sun. Fortunately this structure will provide many other uses for our students, the school and the community at large.

The project was originally scheduled to be completed in the spring, however COVID-19 forced a change to these plans. While the structure still needs a couple of finishing touches, it is functionally complete. We would like to thank everyone who had a hand in helping with the project:

* Mr. Cyr’s high school classes for doing much of the work during class time.

* Mr. Cyr for his extra time, labour, leadership and the use of his tractor.

* Joel Majeau (Winnipeg River Carpentry) for his labor and expertise.

* Vanessa Fontaine (Pine Falls Technical Service) for supplying engineered drawing for the structure.

* Jon Coss (Coss Construction) for lending us needed equipment.

* Maurice Coss, Jeremy Coss, Andreas Schroder & Tom Paukovic for sharing needed tools, equipment and knowledge.

* Our students, Nathan, Markus, Quinn & Landon who volunteered their time on days when school was closed to students.

* Kylor Sharpe for his volunteer labor.

* Our staff, Mr. Laliberte, Mr. Schram, Ms. Grimolfson, Mr. Sharpe who volunteered their time.

* Osis Building who were able to find our needed materials during COVID-19 when many materials were impossible to find.

* Dan’s Excavating for the work done to prepare the site.


Looking forward to students and community making use of the shelter for years to come!