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2018 Report To Community We’re pleased with our accomplishments and proud of the efforts and dedication of all members of our Sunrise family. Our Report to Community provides you with school highlights and keeps you informed of our budget and achievements in the past year.
Terry Fox, Anything is Possible We need to be incredibly proud of the students and staff at Ecole Powerview School!! The rally and Terry Fox awareness on Friday was nothing short of amazing! It was well organized, informative and engaging! The kids ran obstacles and relays in the gym with staff and mascots! Mrs Sharpe kept the program exciting with her MC skills.... Mr. Sharpe delivered an incredible speech about why Terry Fox and cancer awareness is important to him... Mr. Reid, Mr. McGurry, and a number of other staff rallied the "houses" with incredible enthusiasm.... the staff who did all the work behind the scenes organizing (we are sadly no sure who did all that work but we know Ms. Berthelette and Ms. Hovorka were heavily involved) did a fantastic job of planning and delivering the events. Our students rallied together from K to 12 and it was awesome to see them all working together! Our school shows amazing spirit and that should always be celebrated!!! Attached is the Terry Fox clip everyone watched.... if you haven't seen it before (or even if you have) watch's pretty moving!