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Principal's Message

        Will the students ever return to school!?!? Over the last couple of weeks that was the question that many of us were left asking ourselves. Mother Nature sure gave us a blast, first an extended period of frightfully cold weather, then followed by a day of blizzard like conditions. With all of our recent closures I thought this would be a good time to review the Divisional weather policies and help families understand what has been going on over the last couple of weeks.

     When it comes to cold temperatures, Sunrise School Division stops running its buses at -35 raw temperature or -45 with the wind chill. The decision regarding temperature related closures is done by three separate areas in the Division. Powerview is the only community in region 3 and the temperature is taken on the Environment Canada website. For a temperature related closure it is possible to have parts of the school Division open while others are closed depending on temperature readings in each of the 3 designated regions.

       When it comes to poor road conditions, the Division is not separated into three regions. The decision is made for the Division as a whole unit. This is why many of us were a bit curious on Monday, February 4 when we received a phone call saying schools were closed, only to look outside and see only a small amount of snow on the ground. However for those of you who had to travel on Monday you are well aware that you did not have to go very far south to find near white-out conditions.

        I would like to say thank you to all of our families for their understanding in recent weeks as the weather has presented numerous challenges. I would also like to thank families and high school students for their flexibility regarding the exam schedule that was redone numerous time. Finally a big thank you to Debbie Majeau and our PAC Facebook page for helping us communicate ongoing changes with our families.

        In my 22 years of public education I have never seen a bout of weather and closures like we recently experienced, and I hope that I never see it again. It is great to have your children back at school, I missed them!


- Trevor Reid, Principal 


Ten Questions Families with Young Children Should Consider:

  1. What kind of screens are in your home (e.g., TV, tablet, computer, smartphone)? Which does your child use?
  2. Is watching TV or programs/movies on other devices a shared family activity and a common way to relax? How often is a screen on in the background although no one is really watching?
  3. Does anyone in the family use screens during mealtimes?
  4. What do you watch with your child? What does your child watch alone?
  5. Do you encourage or discourage conversation with your child while you are using screens?
  6. Do you ever watch adult/commercial programming with your child?
  7. Does your child use screens while you do chores around the home? Often? Sometimes?
  8. Are there any screen-based activities in your child’s day care program? Do you know how much these are used?
  9. Does your child use any kind of screen before bedtime? How long before bedtime? Is there a TV or computer in your child’s bedroom? Does your child take mobile devices into the bedroom?
  10. Does your family have rules or guidelines for screen use that everyone understands and shares?

Information for parents is available at www.caringforkids.cps.ca