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**NEW** Parent-Student Handbook

Whether you are a new family or returning one, welcome! In this handbook you will find an overview of information such as attendance, clothing and attire, volunteering, our student clinic, school clubs and programs offered, and other useful information. With the help of parents, caregivers and the community we hope to inspire children to learn in a safe and positive learning environment. We encourage parents/caregivers to maintain a healthy relationship with our staff. These relationships are the foundation for our staff and students to strive for a successful 2019-2020 school year. We hope students get involved in the variety of extracurricular activities that run before/after school and/or at lunch hour. You may also check in on our website (like you just did if you're seeing this) for information. (
We are proud of our supportive Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) that plays an active role in our school. You may follow us on social media to find more information or better yet, join us at meetings as well.
Please take a moment and read through the handbook, if you have any questions please feel free to visit our school anything throughout the school year.
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Do you want an old PVS year book?

We have old school year books! Pick yours up today!


Please pick up in library. If not picked up by Sept 30th will be discarded. Don't let these awesome memories go to waste!
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June News Letter/Bulletin

Please take the time to view our June News Letter/Bulletin for upcoming events and information. Our school sends one out to each student every month to share our school News. The News Letter/Bulletin is loaded will all kinds of great information! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!
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Team Stage

On June 18th our schools dance team "Team Stage" showcased their talent by performing dance routines and playing dance videos that they created! Please click the links to view dance videos created and filmed by the students & their dance teacher McKenzie Strongquill! What a phenomenal performance!
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The D-Team

The D-Team has been busy creating Stegosaurus bones and has a dig planned in June!

They also have 2 field trips planned before the year is over! Team members are energetic and knowledgeable about paleontology!

They hope to host their own information gallery next fall!
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Driver Education News

We are completing the last course for this school year by June. If you are interested in taking the Driver Z course in the Fall 2019 (September - December) term, please check on or after July 8, 2019 to view the list of available courses. Registration for the Fall 2019 courses begins on August 19, 2019. Look up “MPI-Course Finder” for the link. The redesigned course will have a shorter in-class component.

If you are looking to get ready for a road test, practice city driving or just some private lessons, contact me by phone or text at 204 340 0622.

Enjoy your summer and drive safely.

Marc Desjardins
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Junior Drama

Students from grades 2,3 and 4 will give 7 performances in June. They have been working hard to memorize mime and scripts for their performances. They are doing an excellent job of working together as a cast! They will perform a mime about the importance of being kind. They will also perform the following Robert Munsch stories: Up, Up, Down - MMM, Cookies - Ready, Set, Go! – Just One Goal! and Stephanie’s Ponytail (plus Two). They are also performing another book called, Jeremy and the Pirates. They perform at Powerview School on TUESDAY, JUNE 11th at 10:45 and 1:00.
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